Pearly penile papule is a growing concern among men today, as these small lumps on the penis can be aggravating, even if they’re completely harmless. There has seen a surge in demand for penile papule removal, as men try to get rid of the small papules that feature around the head of the penis in rows. Health professionals have claimed that the pearly papules pose no threat to health, and in most cases, they don’t cause any pain or irritation.

There has still been a rise in pearly penile papule cases, with about 20% men likely to attract this condition in their life. The papule isn’t related to sexual activity or personal hygiene, but most men tend to freak out when they notice them. This is the reason, why they immediately look for pearly papule removal services, which allows them to get rid of these annoying lumps on penis.

Different options for removal of papules

Even though pearly penile papule is completely harmless, men still feel embarrassed and irritated by having to deal with the condition. They would much rather have them removed, instead of living with them, till they eventually disappear. Medical professionals recommend having penile papules checked out at least once, so that the experts can ascertain whether the condition is serious or normal.

If you have grown, tired, irritated, or concerned by pearly penile papules, here are some of the commonly recommended methods for pearly penile papule removal:

1. Excision Surgery

This is one of the most common procedures to remove pearly papules, and involves the use of a scalpel or lancet for removing individual papules with sharp surgical blades. The patient is put under local anesthesia, and a cream is applied to each papule, before being cut off with surgical blades. This procedure lasts about 30 minutes per session, and doctors will be able to remove all papules in 2 to 5 sessions, depending on the severity of the condition. This is the reason why excision surgery is considered as the most affordable removal options for lumps on penis.

2. Co2 Laser Method

Carbon dioxide laser surgery is a cutting-edge technique used to get rid of pearly penile, but the success of the removal procedure depends on the expertise and experience of the surgeon. This procedure only takes 30 minutes, and an anesthetic cream is applied around the head of the penis to numb the area. The Co2 laser beams are then pointed at the papule through a laser gun, and burns off each papule. Once the procedure is complete, a patient may feel slight discomfort and pain around the head of the penis, but it will dissipate in a few days.

3. Radio Surgery

This papule removal procedure is done through radio waves, which burn the tissues of the pearly papules. Radio surgery is preferred as a papule removal process by men, since it leaves minimal scarring, and effectively eliminates the papules. An anesthetic cream will be applied to the area to numb it completely so that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort or pain.

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